Subdivision under a BMO

Subdivisions completed under a Bushfire Management Overlay require a Bushfire Management Report completed for each lot. Each lot must comply with a maximum BAL level of 29 and if there is an existing house this is disregarded. Each lot has a building envelope specified to show compliance with the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

Subdivisions in Bushfire areas usually have native vegetation on site so an understanding of the native vegetation requirements is paramount. NRLinks has expertise in all these areas. 

Why is it important to have a consultant that is qualified in all areas? One of my clients asked me to do a native vegetation report on his block. Prior to my work, he had spent $10,000 getting the planning, architectural drawings, bushfire report, land capability assessment completed. No one had bothered to look at the native vegetation, his site was a high-risk site and the result was that the site contained threatened species.

This meant that we unable to find an offset on another private parcel of land so the proposal stopped dead in the water and all the fees paid were wasted! Due diligence on all aspects is imperative to ensuring that the development can proceed.

When I work on a project I treat it as though I am spending my own money and undertake due diligence into the planning regulations.

To see the areas we have completed projects see the interactive map on the front page.

A typical subdivision area under a Bushfire Overlay

Some of the places i end up



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