Land Management

Land Management and Integrated Land Management, Farm Management and Green Wedge plans facilitate how the site is to be managed and is a required report that accompanies a change of use planning application. When an application for development or a change of use trigger applies council wants to know all the features of the site. These may include remnant stands of trees, native grasses, waterways, areas for Agriculture along with soil, bushfire, noxious weeds and other risks that apply. How important is the site for biodiversity and threatened flora and fauna? How can it be managed in the future to sustain the site in Council Northern Grampians Shire perpetuity? What aims does the use or development have for the site and how are impacts minimised and or improved? How are these areas secured, what works are required? Integrated Land Management is about integrating all use on site to protect and preserve and also educates the applicant on long term management. This ensures a good social, economical and environmental outcome for the site.

“Land Management Practices are drivers for appropriate land use outcomes (social, economic, environmental) are derived from how the land is managed, and understanding of the links between land use, land management practices and resource conditions supports on-ground decisions to change land management practices and to support sustainable land use” (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment 13 Oct 2021)  

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