Green Wedge Management

Green Wedge - NR LinksA Green Wedge Management Plan (GWMP) provides a framework to manage change in green wedges and includes actions to facilitate the framework. A GWMP provides the opportunity to clearly articulate the kinds of development or activities that are likely to be supported in the green wedge. It provides clarity and certainty and certainty for all stakeholders, including landowners.

In addition to GWMPs, planning measures implemented to protect green wedges include:





Green Wedge Map - NR LinksThere are 12 Green Wedge areas in the Peri-urban extent of Melbourne that all reflect what that council is expecting from development in these areas for approval. A planning permit will require a site Green Wedge Land Management plan that reflects the unique environment of each council and strategically how these areas will be management into the future.

The City of Whittlesea shows in a simple infographic how its rural land has many competing demands for conservation, Agriculture and rural living.

Understanding strategically what each council expects from its Green Wedge is imperative to completing a report.

31 Coulston Road, Monbulk (Yarra Ranges Shire) This site contained 3 remnant EVC’s, EVC 16 Lowland Forest with ...
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