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Bushfire Management Reports (BMO ) are required in many country areas and often are a balance between the native vegetation and clearing a safe site for a new dwelling. The bushfire management reports are a requirement of the Bushfire Management overlay (BMO) which identifies sites that potentially are a higher risk for bushfires.

The BMO is a planning overlay across the whole of Victoria. The bushfire management overlay requires a higher design level for new dwellings to provide resilience to a fire. Houses can be replaced after a fire but this can take up to 12 months before you can look at living on your site again. This is a huge disruption for you and the community and the new regulations in Victoria are an attempt to reduce this impact. The report is lengthy but covers all risks to the proposed site and provides safe access for you and fire fighters in the event of a fire.

The Bushfire Management Plan is one part of the report and details the defendable space,  CFA conditions, BAL rating and is stamped by council as part of the planning process.

To see the areas we have completed projects see the interactive map on the front page.

Bushfire Management Plan


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