BAL Report

Bushfire - NR LinksA Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment is required for properties within moderate bushfire risk areas, known as Bushfire Prone Areas.

The BAL rating is calculated using the methods outlined in the Australian Standard (AS3959) Building in Bushfire Prone Areas.

The BAL rating corresponds with  building design regulations  and construction material options to protect your home from bushfire impact.

A qualified Bushfire Planner not only works with the setback tables in the Australian Standard but can undertake specified site analysis and quantify actual radiant heat flux levels. This can mean a more realistic BAL level that what the general tables provide.

Often there are times when the landscape or site constraints mean the site is showing an artificially high BAL level. In my experience this can be due to the locaion of thin areas of vegetation such as shown below..


Bushfire Report-Main Retail precinct 105-109 Grampians Rd, Halls Gap.   ...
Grant Street, Newbridge- Permit approved. The site was a large intact parcel of remnant vegetation that is endangered...
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