Rural subdivisions in areas that contain patches or full cover of remnant vegetation

These subdivisions involve a review of the planning scheme for your site and a preliminary review of what can be undertaken and we can provide you with a fee proposal for the reports that are normally required to submit the application to council.

These blocks require removal of native vegetation either as a direct result of access, defendable space or as consequential loss. This can be costly or prohibitive if this involves threatened species and it is important you are aware of this at an early stage so you can decide whether to proceed.

What makes us different?:

Otherwise with multiple consultants one changes means that it can trigger amendments on other reports which will involve more cost to you! 

Documentation or work required is likely to be:

We can also go through your permit for a set fee of $195 to guide you on how to complete the permit and arrange a quote for the Title Survey work and conveyancing

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