Vic Smart

Vic Smart

The State government has made changes to the Vic Smart applications and these are straightforward proposals that Council has 10 days to decide on. NRLinks Planning undertakes Vic Smart Applications and the following are the categories that can apply:


Realign a boundary between two lots

Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car park space

Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots

Construct a front fence in a residential zone

Construct a building or works except in Rural Zones

Construct a building or works in an overlay

Remove, destroy or lop one tree

Minor subdivisions, minor buildings, and works, painting or tree looping in a Heritage Overlay

Minor subdivision or buildings and works in a Special Building Overlay

Display a sign in a commercial, industrial or special purpose zone

Reduce a carparking requirement

Reduce or waiver the loading or unloading requirements

Two lot subdivision in a rural zone

Construct a building or works in a rural zone

Please feel free to call to discuss your application requirements, we DONT charge for preliminary discussions. Call 0406459522

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