Planning Process

The planning process can seem that it is fraught with so many overlays, leaving you to question can I get a permit?

The answer in my experience is yes to 98% of the time, it is a matter of engaging someone to look at the requirements.  

For a planning permit, we look at a range of issues such as zoning, overlays, catchment issues, council policy, native vegetation, bushfire risk, land capability, and land management to just name a few.

We then compile a quote detailing what we need to do, this helps to explain the process that we work through. 

Once the application is finalised then we submit this to the council and follow up free of charge for you. 

Planning permits generally range from $2000 to $3000 (plus gst) depending on the complexity required.

Please call or email it's free and only takes a minute. All I need is the site address and what you are wanting to achieve so together we can work towards building your dream.

This link is a great guide to the planning process in Victoria A guide to planning

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