Farm Planning

Farming Zones differ from council to council and are dependent on issues such as Land Management, current adjacent land uses and whether the proposal is can address the decision guidelines

NRLinks specialises in Rural Town Planning and has undertaken many Farm Management Reports for a dwelling in Farming Zone.

These applications do not just involve a farm management site plan that details how the farm will be set up on site but also include the following:

  • Land Capability Assessment to classify the Agricultural Land Class
  • Geology with reference soil and management considerations and the ability to be used for Productive agriculture
  • Existing conditions
  • Landscape Context to demonstrate land use conflicts and to set a precedent for farm dwellings from the application.
  • Site context including features such as contours, land management restrictions (salinity/erosion) and remnant vegetation
  • Proposed dwelling
  • Proposed farming enterprise including reasons for the house on site, risk assessment, and financial return/viability/business plan
  • Farm Plan detailing infrastructure, site layout, land management, pasture management and codes of practice 

Farm Management Report   Farm Plan

Then a planning response will be required to respond to the requirements of Clause 35.07 (Farming Zone) and the requirements of the Planning for sustainable animal industries (A recent planning amendment-VC 150) Sustainable Animal VC 150


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