Weed Management

Weed management plans are often required as a condition of a planning permit. These reports involve a survey on site of existing weeds plus a desktop study of potential weeds in the area.

The report then highlights how the weed problem is to be managed whether you can look at suppression, control or eradication and how and when to control the weed. These reports are used to inform the landowner of what types of weeds are on site or are a potential risk. The report highlights the classification of weeds such as noxious or regionally controlled under the CaLP Act the landowner is responsible to control certain weeds at all times.

NRLinks can assist homeowners in establishing an action plan to control weeds on site please email or call for a quote.

Weed Management Plans usually cover the following:

  • Relevant legislation
  • Methodology and limitations
  • Mitigation Pre and post construction
  • Objectives and methods of control


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