Vegetation Offsets

In Victoria when you remove native vegetation you are required to offset that removal. Offsets can be either a first Party (on your site) or a Third Party (on another site-not yours). The First Party offsets require a management plan to be completed on the site, a Section 173 placed over the area and follow up to DELWP each year for 10 years. The first party offset is a much cheaper alternative but comes with management and reporting costs that the applicant needs to be aware of.

The Third Party offsets we receive a quote from a broker with a fee to pay and this fee can range from a few thousand upwards. The third party offset is a set and forget option where the fee payment is all you need to do.

When undertaking this during a planning permit you must ensure that if you cannot offset on site that the brokerage fee is not going to be prohibitive. NRLinks is experienced with offsets and the requirements and will aim to allow you both options if possible.

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