Ararat - NRLinks
Ararat - NRLinks
Ararat - NRLinks
Ararat - NRLinks
2146 Sub Plan - NRLinks
2146 LMP - NRLinks


  • This site consisted of 23 lots in Farming Zone and due to strategic planning at Ararat and council policy we were given pre-approval to re subdivide the 23 lots to 20 lots. 

  • Part of the site was revised as it was withing the area that Department of Transport are placing the new Ararat bypass.

  • DELWP approved the consequential removal after a revision.

  • Timing this application was lengthy due to the size and delays with lack of council staff leading to a time frame of 1 year to complete all reports and gain approval.

  • The site had many waterways, dams inundation and slopes with good access to road and borders of remnant vegetation under a Vegetation Protection Overlay. 

  • Application was approved.

Farming Zone Subdivisions - Ararat

1 year

Project Included

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