Farm Management Plan  Bambra
Farm Management Plan  Bambra
Farm Management Plan  Bambra
Farm Management Plan  Bambra
Farm Management Plan  Bambra


Bambra-Aireys Inlet Road, Bambra

The site is zoned Farming and an Integrated Land Management Plan dealt with the erosion risk that was strongly evident on site and resulted in landslides. The other areas were developing rill erosion, and this resulted in loss of cover that later results in landslides.

The site has a large area of biodiversity on site with a waterway and weed infestations were evident along the waterway requiring work to bring it back. The site had a history of cattle grazing that was contributing to the erosion risk and stock was taken off and grazing limited to flat areas and sheep only.

The council did not initially recognise the amelioration of the erosion being a long-term financial benefit to the farm not in retaining soils but as an income stream. Phone discussion commenced with a request to detail this in more detail and this is currently being completed for review with council. 

Farm Management Plan - Bambra

Surf Coast Shire

Project Included

  • Site Assessment for all vegetation, soil risks and weeds.
  • Integrated Farm/Land Management Plan to detail conservation and farming on site.
  • Soil Testing to quantify how the soil could be improved to support the proposed use.
  • Waterway Protection and revegetation.
  • Rectification for erosion on site and protect biodiversity. 
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