Pricing services can be difficult and these can change but give you an indicative price of regular services.

Basic planning response suited to Rural Living and Low-Density zones includes dimensioned proposed site plan, existing plan, planning response to zone and usual DDO or BMO Overlays $895

Native Vegetation Report- Basic Pathway under 0.5ha of removal (suited to one dwelling) $ 995- 2200

Native vegetation to Intermediate and Detailed pathways are quoted on a site basis please call for a quote

BMO Report -Required for an existing lot (not farming or Rural Conservation Zones)-Pathway one- Price includes Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) $1395

BMO Report- Required for an existing lot in Farming and Rural Conservation Zones-Pathway two- Price includes Bushfire Management Plan (BMP)  $1995

NRLinks is also qualified to do Bushfire via alternate methods for both Bushfire Prone and Bushfire Overlays to achieve compliance and also to complete reports and documentation for commercial applications under a Bushfire Management Overlay- Priced on a case by case basis

BAL report for sites outside of a Bushfire Overlay -(may include a travel charge if over 100km from Ballarat) $450

Koala Report to satisfy all requirements for ESO 5 (Ballarat council)  $1200

Integrated Land Management Plan (price can vary depending on complexity) Indicative price is usually $1900

Conservation Management Plan if your site is to be conserved under a Section 173 or covenant Indicative price is usually $1900

Weed Management Plan includes site survey and management requirements- price is usually $1900

Environmental Management Plan for construction produced on an A1 sheet $ 1750

Farm Management and Subdivision please call for a quote




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Natural Resource Link your one stop shop for all your permit requirements. NRLinks is specialised in planning, bushfire planning and conservation and land management (ecology).

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